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Kaylashka Muscat (Kailashki Misket)

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Ripening time: October
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Production and sale of vine variety Kaylashka Muscat (Kailashki Misket)

Vine variety Kaylashka muscadine

Kaylashka Muscat is a complex sustained late-ripening white grape variety vines. It represents a cross between Hamburg I Vilar Blanc. Kaylashka Muscat is spread around Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Vratsa, Rousse.

Kaylashka muscadine has a medium to large sheet 5-division, an average cut, score. The mean paw forms an obtuse angle. Above nicks are medium to deep, open, with parallel sides and a rounded bottom. Lower nicks are shallow open as an acute angle. Tail cut-out is open-arched, narrow, with acute bottom. The teeth are large, with a narrow base and a sharp peak. The handle sheets of medium length, most often wine-red. Autumn coloration of leaves is yellow. Color – androgynous.

The bunch is medium-sized, cylindrical-conical, often branched, loose, average long, thin and sturdy handle, woody at the base. The berries are medium sized, oval, yellow-green to golden yellow, with a juicy texture, with a harmonious and with a strong muscat flavor. Stalk of medium length, medium thick, slightly tapered bed.

It represents a late ripening grape variety that reached technological maturity of the grapes occurs in October. The grapes is suitable for yielding a wine materials for naturally sparkling and original dessert wines.

Kaylashka Muscat is frost-resistant variety, virtually resistant to botrytis and requires chemical treatment only in favorable years.