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Eumolpia (Evmolpia) – Red Wine Grape Vine

PRICE PER PIECE INCL. VAT: To 25 pc.: 4.50 EUR • Over 25 pc.: 4,00 EUR
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Ripening time: Beginning of September
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Production and sale of vineyards – variety Eumolpia (Evmolpia)

Eumolpia (Evmolpia), also known as Thracian Mavrud, is a red wine grape variety, selected in Bulgaria by crossing the Mavrud and Merlot varieties from D. Bakrikov and S. Kukunov. There are also plantations in Australia and the United States.

The vines have moderate to strong growth and high fertility. A decarer receives 1500-2000 kg. grapes. The variety has increased cold resistance. The grapes ripen around early September and have a high sugar content.

The variety produces high quality red wines. They mature quickly and are edible in the year following the grape harvest. They have a dense ruby-red color, a faint fruity aroma and a harmonious flavor, much like the good Mavrud wine.

Bulk weight: 300-350g
Grain weight: 1.4 g
Ripening time: 1.09-10.09
Yields of 1 acres: 1500-2000 kg