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Dimyat Grape Variety

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Ripening time: The second half of September
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Production and sale of vine seedlings Dimyat

The variety DIMYAT is an old local variety.

In our country it is widespread in plantations near the Black Sea coast in Shumen and Stara Zagora region where regionated now. Occupied about 20% of the surface of the wine varieties.

Agrobiological characteristic – variety is late ripening (in the Black Sea region ripens in the first half of X and in a hilly region around the turn of the century). The bunch is medium to large, semi-compact to loose. The grain is medium large, juicy, sweet, covered with yellow-green, medium thick, tough, healthy skin.

The variety has a good affinity to the common pads in hand, but the most suitable for him pad 41 B.

Sheet – Average, oval longitudinally average cut 5-division, mossy. Lamina is wrapping up like a dish with a strong net to small bubbled wrinkled surface. The outline of the mean paw forms an acute angle, average paw ends with extended tooth. Above nicks are average deep, open pound appearanced, with parallel sides and with a sharp bottom. The lower nicks are open, shallow, as an angle. Tail nick is open, liroviden with acute bottom, sometimes closed, with an elliptical hole. The teeth are large, triangular, with broad-based. Stem to the first fork from above, sometimes below is colored burgundy. The handle of medium length, slightly fuzzy and very bristly. Autumnal coloration of the sheet is yellow.

Color – androgynous. Grapes – medium, conical, sometimes with wings, semi-compact. The stem is medium long, thick, woody at the base, fragile. Grain – wholesale oval green- yellow. The skin is thin fragile. The meat is juicy, tasty, fresh, with a slight vanillin flavor. The stalk is medium long, thin, with large flat bed.

Dimyat is late, wine and dessert variety. Grapes ripen in the second half of September. It has a strong growth, high fertility and high yield. Well developed on slopes with skeletons and varovic soils.Suffers from drought. It is resistant to decay, but is sensitive to low put. From grapes to give a plain white table wines and high quality material for cognac distillate. Suffers from drought. It is resistant to decay, but is sensitive to low temperatures. From its grapes is producing a plain white table wines and high quality material for


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