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Rootstock Cuttings

Production and sale of vine seedlings – “Basic” – (vines for planting)

Price without VAT (min. order quantity 10 000 pcs.): 0.20 EUR – 7mm to 1.4 cm and a length of 34 cm.

The botanical name and synonyms for SO4 are the following:
Berlandieri x Riparia, sel. Oppenheim 4, Berlandieri x Riparia SO-4, SO 4, CO4.

The Viticulture is impossible without production of grafted and cultivated vines consisting of two elements – graft (Slate) by the required cultivar and rootstock cuttings. The advantage is that the vines bear fruit earlier and retain the properties of the selected variety.

The steps associated with the production are the following:

  1. Preparation of cuttings and slips for grafting:

Checking for a standard length and thickness, maturation, presence of damage caused by frost and drought.

Tanking clean water for better coalescence in the transplantation process.

  1. Grafting table – operation in which the grafter is placed on the substrate to form a whole plant. This is done with vine grafting machines where the cuts and the fit are in the shape of the Greek letter omega.
  2. Stratification of the grafted cuttings (formation of the solder and the beginning of accretion)
  • Parafining
  • Order in wooden boxes with wet sawdust
  • Placing in stratificational machine

Light hardening in water of stratified and re-waxed cuttings

  1. Lehovo-band rooting of vines and care for their cultivation.
  2. Removal, sorting and storing vines.
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