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Dessert white grape variety PLEVEN

PRICE PER PIECE INCL. VAT: To 25 pc.: 5,00 EUR • Over 25 pc.: 4,50 EUR
The price does not include delivery - negotiable.
Ripening time: Around mid-August
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Dessert white grape variety PLEVEN

Selected at the Institute of Viticulture and Enology – Pleven in 1961 by K.Stoev, Y.Ivanov, Z.Zankov and V.Valchev by crossing varieties Italy and Yantar. Established in 1968 is spread slightly in all wine-growing regions of the country.

The variety refers to a group of very early varieties (vegetation period to the consumer’s maturity is 113-135 days). Suitable for vine trellis cultivation. The vines have low resistance to low temperatures and low recover capacity. The plants are not resistant to mildew and powdery mildew. In formations Stem Gyuyo, the yield of the vine is 3 kg, per hectare – 700-800kg.

An early variety – it ripens in mid-August. The vines are characterized by strong growth and relatively high fertility.

The clusters are medium-sized to large, conical, sometimes winged, thin to very thin, with equal sized large to very large in shape, elongated grains. The skin of this grape variety is thick, brittle, yellow-green. The flesh is crunchy, juicy, with a harmonious taste.

Grapes have good transportability – durable transport and storage. Consumed fresh, suitable for canning.


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