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Variety Brestovitza

PRICE PER PIECE INCL. VAT: To 25 pc.: 5,00 EUR • Over 25 pc.: 4,50 EUR
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Ripening time: The second half of August
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The variety Brestovitza is obtained at the Institute of Vine and Wine – c. Pleven in 1961 by crossing varieties Italy and Yantar.Utvarden of 1982

Distribution: It is found in small areas in almost all wine-growing regions of the country.

The bunch is medium-sized (16.4 / 10.1 cm), semi-compact to concise, conical, often winged with one wing. The average mass of the cluster is 320 g. The grain is very large (27,4 / 19,6 mm), with oblong-cylindrical shape, rounded at the tip, fleshy-juicy, with a pleasant and harmonious taste with a slight muscat tone. The skin is thick, elastic, yellow-green to amber-yellow, thick wax coating. The average weight of the grain was 7,6 g. Individual grains reach and up to 15 g.

Agrobiological characteristic: Brestovitza is an early white dessert variety. Grapes ripen in the second half of August. Vines are vigorous with good fertility.

Technological characteristics: Brestovitza typical dessert variety. Grapes accumulate enough sugars (16-18%) with moderate content of titratable acids (6,1-6,7 g / dm3). Shock is a long transport and temporary storage.


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