Nectarine trees for sale.

Honey Glo Nectarine

Honey Glo nectarines are characterized by their late bloom, fast growth, average fertility, and constant productivity. The nectarines go into fruiting early, 3-4 years after planting. The fruit's ripening occurs around 20-30th of August. Honey Glo's fruits are large, oval, with smooth skin and dark-red colour on a yellow basis. [...]

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Honey Blaze Nectarine

Honey Blaze nectarine is characterized by it's medium-early bloom. Semi-steep growth, good fertility, constant productivity. The trees go into fruiting early. Average resistance to low winter temperatures and late spring frosts. The ripening is around 3-10th of July. Honey Blaze's fruits are average sized, round, with smooth red skin on [...]

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Orion Nectarine

Orion nectarine originates from Italy. The trees bloom early and have great fertility with a constant and effective productivity. The fruiting starts early, 3-4 years after planting. The fruit ripening is around 20-30th of August. Orion is durable to winter cold and late spring frost. The fruits are large, round, [...]

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