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Apricot trees for sale.

Wonder Cot Apricot

Wonder Cot is a fast growing fruit tree. Averagely early bloom with great fertility and constant productivity. Self-fertile. It matures around 15th-20th of May. Resistant to low winter temperatures and late spring frost. Wonder Cot's fruits are average sized, round, slightly elongated, yellow-orange, with a slight blush. The fruit's meat [...]

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Magic Cot Apricot

Magic Cot is an early type of apricot tree with amazing qualities. The fruits are large, with red-pink colour. The fruits are hard,sweet,juicy and have an amazing taste. Great fruit yield. Magic Cot is self pollinating and sensitive to low winter temperatures and late spring frost. Suitable for direct consumation, [...]

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Farbaly Apricot

Farbaly apricots have an averagely-early bloom. Self-pollinating type of apricot. Ripens around 25th of June - 3rd of July. The fruits are average sized, very sweet and delicious. The bone can be easily removed from the meat. High and constant fertility. Suitable for fresh consumation, conservation and drying. Able to [...]

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Bebeco Apricot

Bebeco apricot is self-pollinating. It matures around 1-10th of July. The fruits are large. The fruit's meat is gold-orange, dense, juciy, sweet, sour and has a great aroma. The skin is averagely thick with yellow-orange colour. Bright red around the part of the fruit which has been exposed to sunlight [...]

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Farlis Apricot Tree

Farlis Apricot Tree - Origin France. The trees of Farlis apricot variety are with medium-strong and wide dissolved development. The apricot tree is late flowering. Farlis has good fertility, consistent and efficient performance. The ripening of the fruits is around 20-27 August. A slightly sensitive variety of winter frosts and [...]

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Aurora Apricot Tree

The Aurora Apricot Tree is a self-pollinated variety that ripens around May 20-June 10. The tree is of moderate fertility, with medium early flowering. Aurora apricot's fruits are oval-globose, medium-sized. The skin is thin, orange-yellow, with a blush on the side that has been shining all day from the sun's [...]

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