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Cherry trees for sale.

Giant Red Cherry

Giant Red is considered to be the larges sweet cherry in the world. The fruits are dark red, hear shaped, fruit caliber 28-38 mm. The meat is red, juicy and has a great aroma. Giant Red has a high sugar content and resistance to cracking. Suitable pollinators are Kordia, Seleste. [...]

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Frisco Cherry

Frisco cherry has a very good fertility. The fruits are kidney shaped, and with a red mahogany colour. Frisco's fruits also have a great aroma and high sugar content. Suitable pollinators are Giant Red, Burla. Resistent to frost and cracking. Maturation period: 31.05 - 07.06

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Early Lory

Early Lory is a large cherry with an average sized stem. It matures during 5-10th of May before Bigarreau Burlat. High yield sort of cherry. Fast growing tree, with good fruiting and constant productivity. The pollinators are Skeena, Bigarreau Burlat, Ferovia, White Cherry and others. The fruits are large, dark [...]

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Firm Red Cherry

Firm Red is one of a kind cherry with many interesting qualities. It has a strong consistency, it is tall and durable to cracking. Matures during 10-15th of June. Fruit: large calliber (28 - 32mm). Kidney shaped form, bright red. Firm red's taste has a strong consistency, amazing cullinary and [...]

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Bigarreau Burlat Cherry

Bigarreau Burlat cherries are a french, late sort of cherries of the cartilage group on a substrate mahalebka. It's pollinators are Hedelfingen, Early Lorry, Napoleon, Firm Red and others. They ripen during the last 10 days of May. Bigarreau Burlat cherries are large, heart shaped, widely flattened with a dull [...]

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Reginna Cherry

Reginna is a late kind of cherry. It matures in the period: 30.06-07.07. It pollinates with Hedelfingen, Vann and others. Good rate of fruiting and constant fruit productivity. The fruit is large and it has an long stem. Reginna has a late flowering and loves sunny places. Endures low temperatures. [...]

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Vann Cherry

Vann cherry matures around 20-30th of June and it has averagely-early flowering. The cherry is durable to low winter temperatures and late spring frosts. Early fruiting and constant fruit productivity. Vann cherry has a short stem and a round form, with large sized fruit. The meat is hard, sweet and [...]

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Cherry Jalta Draganova

Cherry Jalta Draganova. Matures during 20th-25th of june. Late bloom. The tree is flowering heavily. It's also durable to late spring frost. The fruits are middle sized , broad heart shaped to spherical shape. The seed is easily removable. Very sweet. Suitable for fresh consumation, conservation/compotes, freezing and particulary used [...]

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Cherry Kordia

Cherry Kordia grows during the period of 20-30th of june. Pollinaters suitable for the cherry are : vann, regina , hidelfingen, star and others. Rapidly growing tree. Late bloom. Durable to low temperatures and late spring frost . Highly fruiting and constant fertility. Very large, heart shaped, dark red, juicy, [...]

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Cherry Summit (Hrushtyalka)

Cherry Summit is moderately growing assortment, very good fertility, produced constantly. Late bloom. Matures during the period 30.05 - 10.06. Summit is durable during the low winter temperatures and the late spring frost. The fruits are large, heart shaped, dark red. The fruit's flesh is dark red, dense , juicy [...]

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Lapins Cherry Tree

Lapins cherry tree is a self-pollinated variety that ripens June 20-30. Large to very large reddish-brown fruits with gloss, firm-fleshy, sweet-sour, with excellent taste. Early in fruition. Flowering is moderately early with moderate growth. Resistant to late frosts. It can be a pollinator for all other cherry varieties. Easy transportation [...]

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