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Early Lory

PRICE PER PIECE INCL. VAT: To 25 pc.: 6,00 EUR • Over 25 pc.: 5,00 EUR
The price does not include delivery - negotiable.
Ripening time: 5 - 10 май
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Early Lory is a large cherry with an average sized stem. It matures during 5-10th of May before Bigarreau Burlat. High yield sort of cherry. Fast growing tree, with good fruiting and constant productivity. The pollinators are Skeena, Bigarreau Burlat, Ferovia, White Cherry and others. The fruits are large, dark red and heart shaped. The fruit’s meat is juicy, sweet, with great taste qualities. Able to handle transportation and manipulation. The fruits can be directly consumed, canned and processed.

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