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White dessert grape variety Prista

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Ripening time: Around mid-August
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White dessert grape variety Prista was bred by crossing varieties Bolgar and Mimosa in 1972, regionated in 1988

White dessert grape variety Prista.


The bunch is large (21,2 / 13,4 cm) cylindrical-conical, often with a wing semi-compact, average weight 380 g. The grain is large is large (23,1 / 18,0 mm), oblong, average weight 5,3 g. The skin is medium thick, yellow-green with a matte shade and dense bloom. The texture is crunchy and taste harmonious, with pronounced fine muscat flavor.

The duration of the vegetation period in Bulgaria is 133 days.

White dessert grape variety Prista ripens in mid-August, about a week before the Cardinal variety.

The vines are growing on average by a factor of fertility is 1.26.

Average yield of grapes per hectare – 16 tons.

The structure of the cluster in the technological maturity by weight is 96.7% and 3.3% respectively grains clusters, and the grain 90.7% meat, 6.9% to 2.4% peel and seeds. Grapes contain, 16.2% sugars and 4 g / l titratable acidity. It has good transportability. The resilience of the nipple of the pressure is 1400 g, and the detachment of the stalk – 50 g. PRISTA variety is suitable for the production of early table grapes, both outdoors and in greenhouses.


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