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Vine Kondarev 6

PRICE PER PIECE INCL. VAT: To 25 pc.: 5,00 EUR • Over 25 pc.: 4,50 EUR
The price does not include delivery - negotiable.
Ripening time: The beginning and middle of September
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Production and sale of vine variety Kondarev 6

Vine Kondarev 6

Is created at the crossing of Rizmat and seedless hybrid VI-4 in 1972. Article homer. Mincho Kondarev in NPSK “G.Dimitrov” in Plovdiv in uterine field. Markovo.

It is approved as a new and original seedless variety with an order No 364 / 4.1.1992 of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Grafted onto rootstocks ML4 and 41B, the vines have very good growth and fertility. The average yield of the vine 7.6 kg., And from da – 2287 kg. The length of the vegetation period is 141 days. Persis grapes ripen in 10 to 15 September. The bunch is large (587g), conical, winged, almost loose. The nipple has a weight of about 6 g., Elongated, fleshy, hard, crunchy, sweet, pleasant taste without seeds. The skin is medium thick, fragile, not felt at eating. Colored in yellow – green to amber, on the side of the sun with a rusty hue. The texture is meaty, crunchy. It is suitable for fresh consumption.

When ripe grapes accumulate up to 20.67% sugar and 3.7 g / l of acids.

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