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Red Muscat (Misket)

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Ripening time: The second half of September
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Red muscadine – grape vine seedlings

Red Muscat is an old local Bulgarian wine grape variety. It is widespread throughout the country. Industrial plants it has in Sungurlare and Prosenishkata Valley Charles and Varna area where zoning and smaller areas – in Stara Zagora, Sliven, Yambol and Vratsa.

It is also known by the names Romashtina (Veliko Tarnovo and Vratsa) Tarnovo (Shumen) Blue violet (Vratsa), Turkish Ruzica (Serbia).

Late ripening grape variety with good fertility. Grapes ripen in the second half of September. It grows well and gives good results in skeletal soils on hills. Suitable varieties are hilly and well-ventilated areas. There are average growth, high fertility and average yield. Tends to bunch stem necrosis . Sensitive to rot. In resistance to frost this variety ranks first among local varieties and surpasses many foreign wine varieties. Insufficiently resistant to gray mold.

The bunch is medium-sized, cylindrical-conical, sometimes with one or two wings, semi-compact to compressed. The berries are medium sized, spherical, with a pleasant taste and slight muscat flavor. The skin is medium thick, tough, pinkish-red with slight violet hue with wax coating sprayed with characteristic dark spots. The meat is juicy, sweet with a pleasant muscat aroma.

Red Muscat is sort of getting high quality white muscat wine, but grapes are used for fresh consumption. Grapes accumulate 18-21% sugar, 5.4 to 6 g / . MD titratable acidity, improving recourse to blending with other varieties. The wines have a straw-yellow color, harmonious taste and pleasant fine muscat aroma. When variety is mixed with “Dimyat” and “Italian Riesling” is obtained famous white dry Euxinograd wines.


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