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Traminer – white wine grape variety

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Ripening time: The beginning and middle of September
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Production and sale of vine seedlings Traminer

Traminer (Gewurztraminer, Pink Traminer) is a white wine grape variety. Region of origin – Tyrol, Austria and South Tyrol, Italy.

It is widespread in Austria and Italy, is widespread in Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and others.

In Bulgaria regionated but growing areas of it are limited – mainly in northeastern Bulgaria.

Traminer is highly prone to mutation. In some countries the name “Traminer ‘has proved in use and is used as a synonym for” Gewurztraminer “.

The variety is also known under the names: Traminer Musque, Traminer Parfume, Aromatico, Rusa, Traminac, Tramini, Rousselet, Edeltraube, Savagnin Rose, Traminer Aromatique

An early to middle-ripening variety, grapes ripen early and mid-September. It has an average growth, high fertility and gives an average yield. The average yield per hectare is about 700-800 kg. Resistant to low winter temperatures, but is sensitive to drought. For him suitable relatively rich, humus-carbonate sufficiently humid soil in a cool, ventilated hilly terrain. The variety is resistant to fungal diseases, attacks of downy and powdery mildew and rainy autumn grapes rot.

The bunch is small to very small (100 gr.), Conical, sometimes winged, concise. The berries are small, oval, gray-pink and yellowish red to reddish, covered with abundant bloom. The skin is thick and leathery. The meat is juicy, sweet and fragrant.

The grapes are produced very aromatic, high quality white dry, semi-dry and sweet wines and champagne wine materials. Varietal wines are characterized by golden color, high alcohol content and extract and strong sweet fragrance with predominant notes of flowers and exotic fruit that develops in aging. In cooler climates, where the fruits are infected with noble rot of grapes botritised can get extremely sweet wine with a typical variety flavor.

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