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Tamianka – wine grape variety

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Ripening time: The first half of September
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Tamianka – wine grape variety originating in the lands of the Middle East – Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Iran and others.

Meeting under different names in most wine countries. In Bulgaria occupies large areas, and in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, the countries of former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, USA.

It is also known by the names: Violet (Vratsa), Muscat de Frontignan, Muskat blanc a petits grains, Muskat roze a petits grains (France), Muscato di Canelli (Italy), Tamaioasa (Romania), Tamyanika (Serbia), Muscat belыy ( the former USSR).

Tamianka averaged earliest grape variety. Ripens in the first half of September. After ripening grapes raisined. It grows well on light humus-carbonate, sandy clay or gravel soils on hilly terrain ventilated with good sunshine. The vines have an average growth, high fertility and the average yield. The variety is attacked by botrytis and particularly from vine mite. Low resistant to low winter temperatures. The average yield per hectare is about 800 – 1000 kg.

The bunch is a medium-sized (120-160 gr.) Cylindrical to cylindrical-conical, semi-compressed to compressed. The berries are medium, spherical. The skin is thick,rusty yellow or golden yellow with tan with distinctive small black dots. The meat is juicy, harmonious taste and strong incense flavor.

Grapes accumulates many sugar – 20-26%, in titratable acidity 6-8 g / kub.dm. Raisined and the accumulation of high sugar content makes the grapes suitable for obtaining high-quality semi-dry and sweet wines, which are characterized by deep gold color, density and fine muscat-incense flavor. Classic grape variety for getting quality dessert wines. In Italy it is famous wine “Asti spumante” in Crimea – “Livadia,” “Magarach”, “Gurzuf” and “Castel”.

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