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Cabernet Sauvignon

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Ripening time: The first half of September
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Cabernet Sauvignon – vine nursery

Cabernet Sauvignon comes from France. It is found in all wine countries – France, USA, Australia, Chile, Argentina and others. In our country Bulgaria – regionated.

Leaf – average, rounded, strongly chopped, 5-, 7-division slightly fuzzy. Lamina is wrapping up like a plate with net wrinkled surface. The outline of the mean paw forms an acute angle. The above nicks are deep to very deep, closed, with egg-shaped aperture and a tapered bottom. The lower nicksare closed with the egg-shaped aperture and a tapered bottom, sometimes open, pound appearanced. Tail nick is closed, with the egg-shaped orifice and a sharp bottom. The teeth are medium-sized, triangular, with broad-based. The nervatory is just underneath the first fork is colored burgundy. The stem is medium long, thin, sometimes pink. Autumnal coloration of the leafe is red.

Color – androgynous. Grapes – small, cylindrical-conical, semi shrinked.  The handle of medium length, medium thick, woody at the base, tough. Grain – small, spherical, blue-black with abundant bloom. The skin is thick, tough. The meat is juicy with a harmonious taste. Stalk is short, thick, with a large flat bed and with a short brush.

Cabernet Sauvignon is medium ripening grape variety. Grapes ripen in the first half of September. There is strong growth, high fertility and average yield. It grows well in hills, on light sandy and humus-carbonate soils. Relatively resistant to drought, frost and rot.

Since grapes are produced high quality table wines that develop valuable qualities in aging. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most famous varieties of red table wines.

Main variety of the area Medoc near Bordeaux, France.


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