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Syrah – grapevine seedlings

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Ripening time: Around mid-August
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Syrah – grapevine seedlings

Syrah is known in Australia and New World as Shiraz.

Syrah is a red wine grape variety originating from Iran.

In addition to France, it is widespread in Switzerland, Italy, Australia, California (USA), South Africa, Argentina, Mexico and Chile.

In 2001, it is planted on a small areas in Bulgaria near the town of Lyubimets and Sakar. In 2004, “Villa Lyubimets” makes the first Bulgarian Syrah.

Grape variety Sirah.

Early to medium maturing variety: in Bulgaria grapes ripen around mid-August. The vines have an average growth and give high yields. It prefers poor, rocky soils with good drainage. Resistant to fungal diseases and most diseases in grapevines.

The bunch is small to medium, cylindrical-conical, slightly winged, medium bodied. The berries are medium-sized, slightly oval, black.

From Syrah make high quality red varietal wines and blended wines and rosé. Young wines have characteristic colors of violets, exotic flowers, smoke, rosemary, thyme, raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant. The wines are characterized by very dense garnet color purple hues and high density. They have great potential for aging. With aging their wines acquire new aromatic notes of chocolate, tobacco and leather. In France, in the Rhone Valley Syrah made from dark wines famous “Hermitage” and “Cote Rotie”, as they are added for flavor and small amounts of Viognier. The variety is grown widely throughout southern France, where it is used in blended wines. Transported and planted in Australia in the nineteenth century, today Syrah is the most common red variety in Australia, emblematic for Australian winemakers.


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