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Storgozia (Storgoziya) Red Wine Grape Variety

PRICE PER PIECE INCL. VAT: To 25 pc.: 4,50 EUR • Over 25 pc.: 4,00 EUR
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Ripening time: First half of October
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Storgozia (Storgoziya) is a Bulgarian red wine grape variety resistant to mana, odium and gray rot. It was selected at the Institute of Vine and Wine Production in Pleven by crossing the Bouquet and Villar Blanc varieties. It was established as a new variety in 1976.

Late-ripening variety: Ripens in the first half of October. The vines have strong growth, with high fertility and yield. Storgozia is resistant to low winter temperatures. It has a high recovery capacity therefore it can be grown in different stem formations.

The grape is medium-sized (150-160 grams), cylindrical-conical, concise or semi-compact. The grains are small (1.6 – 1.8 grams), spherical. The skin is thin, tough, dark blue, with abundant wax. The consistency is juicy, with a harmonious taste. The juice is colorless.

Storgozia (Storgoziya) grape has between 22-24% sugars (in favorable and warm years up to 25-26%) and 7.6g/l. acids. It is used to produce red table wines with intense red color, fresh, dense, extracts, with pleasant fruity aroma. In years when grapes accumulate more sugars, high-quality dessert wines can also be produced.