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Bolgar – white dessert grape

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Ripening time: Middle of September
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Bolgar is white dessert grape and are considered the most valuable dessert grape variety in Bulgaria. Bolgar is mainly used for fresh consumption. Originate from Asia Minor. Widely distributed in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Australia.

Known by the names: Karaburnu, Afuz Ali Dates December Beirut, Bolgar, Aleppo Rozaki, Rozakiya, Rosetti, Regina and others.

The vines, which grow BOLGAR give the good harvest if grown in deep, fresh, humus-carbonate black soils of loess base, maroon forest and alluvial-dense soils.

Suffer from fungal diseases, pests and are not resistant to low winter temperatures. In unfavorable weather conditions during flowering appear millerandage and cleistogamy.

The leafe is a medium-sized, deep-cut, almost smooth, naked, shiny. The handle sheets of medium length, sometimes slightly pink colored.

The bunch is large to very large, conical, often winged with one or two wings, semi-compact, slightly loose. The handle is medium length to long, medium thick, tough, strong. The average mass of a cluster of 300 to 500

The grain is very large, oblong to cylindrical, ovoid or sometimes pashkulovidno. The skin is thick, strong, but not tough, yellowish-green to amber covered with heavy bloom. The texture is fleshy juicy. The taste is harmonious, neutral. In one bead has a 1 to 2 seeds, which are easily separated from the pulp. When incising the nipple around the seed the formation of voids. The average mass of a grain is 6-8 on

Bolgar variety refers to a group of a middle grape varieties. Grapes ripen around mid-September.

Under the influence of the vegetation irrigations yield of the variety Bolgar is increased with 24 – 200%


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