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Fruit Trees

Ferraduel Almond

Ferraduel almond matures around 20th-25th of August. Early bloom. Good fertility, constant productivity. Resistant to low winter temperatures and late spring frosts. The fruit's shell is brown, smooth and tough. The nut itself is light brown with slight furrows, buttermilk. Rich on vitamin E, magnesium, calcium and other healthy nutrients [...]

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Chandler Walnut

Chandler walnut trees have an average to fast growing speed. Very good fertility, constant and effective productivity. Very resistant to low temperatures during winter or spring. It is not sensitive to bacterial diseases. An american sort, which is one of the best in the world. The leaves appear later. Early [...]

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Santa Maria Pear

Santa Maria pears is a slow growing tree. An Italian sort, which is imported in Bulgaria more than 75 years ago. The fruits mature around 15th-20th of July, early sort. The fruiting is abundant. Santa Maria's speacial characteristic is that the fruits stay on the tree and do not fall [...]

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Golden Delicious Apple

Golden Delicous matures around 20th-30th of September. Pollinates from Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Melrose and others. In it's early life, the trees has a fast growth, which later becomes slower. Resistant to winter cold and late summer frost. Golden Delicious is one of the most wide-spread assortments of middle sized [...]

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Fuji Apple

Fuji apple is a fast growing type of tree with good fertility, constant and effective productivity. Fuji is resistant to winter cold and late spring frosts. Early fruiting, 3 to 4 years after planting. The fruits mature around 10-20th of October. Fuji's fruit sizes go from large to very large. [...]

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Red Chief Apple

Red Chief apple tree has an average growth rate. Good fertility with constant and effective productivity. The fruit's maturation is around 15-25th of september. Late bloom. The fruits are average sized. The meat is yellow. Red Chief's fruits themselves are really crunchy and have a sweet taste with a slightly [...]

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Super Chief Apple

Super Chief apple tree has a slow growth rate. It matures during the first 10 days of September. Averagely late bloom. Very good fertility and constant productivity. Sensitive to late spring frost and winter cold. Pollinators for Super Chief are Mollies Delicous, Granny Smith and others. Super Chief has large [...]

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Stark Crimson Delicious Apple

Stark Crimson Delicious is a late type of apple tree for winter. Matures at the end of September. Blooms in the beginning of April. Fast growing tree with average fruiting. Sensitive to scab and powdery mildew. Resistant to winter cold and late summer frosts. It's pollinators are Golden Delicious and [...]

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Giant Red Cherry

Giant Red is considered to be the larges sweet cherry in the world. The fruits are dark red, hear shaped, fruit caliber 28-38 mm. The meat is red, juicy and has a great aroma. Giant Red has a high sugar content and resistance to cracking. Suitable pollinators are Kordia, Seleste. [...]

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Frisco Cherry

Frisco cherry has a very good fertility. The fruits are kidney shaped, and with a red mahogany colour. Frisco's fruits also have a great aroma and high sugar content. Suitable pollinators are Giant Red, Burla. Resistent to frost and cracking. Maturation period: 31.05 - 07.06

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Wonder Cot Apricot

Wonder Cot is a fast growing fruit tree. Averagely early bloom with great fertility and constant productivity. Self-fertile. It matures around 15th-20th of May. Resistant to low winter temperatures and late spring frost. Wonder Cot's fruits are average sized, round, slightly elongated, yellow-orange, with a slight blush. The fruit's meat [...]

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Magic Cot Apricot

Magic Cot is an early type of apricot tree with amazing qualities. The fruits are large, with red-pink colour. The fruits are hard,sweet,juicy and have an amazing taste. Great fruit yield. Magic Cot is self pollinating and sensitive to low winter temperatures and late spring frost. Suitable for direct consumation, [...]

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Farbaly Apricot

Farbaly apricots have an averagely-early bloom. Self-pollinating type of apricot. Ripens around 25th of June - 3rd of July. The fruits are average sized, very sweet and delicious. The bone can be easily removed from the meat. High and constant fertility. Suitable for fresh consumation, conservation and drying. Able to [...]

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Bebeco Apricot

Bebeco apricot is self-pollinating. It matures around 1-10th of July. The fruits are large. The fruit's meat is gold-orange, dense, juciy, sweet, sour and has a great aroma. The skin is averagely thick with yellow-orange colour. Bright red around the part of the fruit which has been exposed to sunlight [...]

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Tardibele Peach

Self pollinating type of peach. Ripens at the end of September. The coloring of the fruit is intense, the skin is deep red. Tardibele peach has a yellow meat which is also sweet and has a very pleasant aroma. The bone is removable. Suitable for direct consumation and processing. Tardible [...]

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Honey Glo Nectarine

Honey Glo nectarines are characterized by their late bloom, fast growth, average fertility, and constant productivity. The nectarines go into fruiting early, 3-4 years after planting. The fruit's ripening occurs around 20-30th of August. Honey Glo's fruits are large, oval, with smooth skin and dark-red colour on a yellow basis. [...]

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Honey Blaze Nectarine

Honey Blaze nectarine is characterized by it's medium-early bloom. Semi-steep growth, good fertility, constant productivity. The trees go into fruiting early. Average resistance to low winter temperatures and late spring frosts. The ripening is around 3-10th of July. Honey Blaze's fruits are average sized, round, with smooth red skin on [...]

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Orion Nectarine

Orion nectarine originates from Italy. The trees bloom early and have great fertility with a constant and effective productivity. The fruiting starts early, 3-4 years after planting. The fruit ripening is around 20-30th of August. Orion is durable to winter cold and late spring frost. The fruits are large, round, [...]

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Early Lory

Early Lory is a large cherry with an average sized stem. It matures during 5-10th of May before Bigarreau Burlat. High yield sort of cherry. Fast growing tree, with good fruiting and constant productivity. The pollinators are Skeena, Bigarreau Burlat, Ferovia, White Cherry and others. The fruits are large, dark [...]

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Firm Red Cherry

Firm Red is one of a kind cherry with many interesting qualities. It has a strong consistency, it is tall and durable to cracking. Matures during 10-15th of June. Fruit: large calliber (28 - 32mm). Kidney shaped form, bright red. Firm red's taste has a strong consistency, amazing cullinary and [...]

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Bigarreau Burlat Cherry

Bigarreau Burlat cherries are a french, late sort of cherries of the cartilage group on a substrate mahalebka. It's pollinators are Hedelfingen, Early Lorry, Napoleon, Firm Red and others. They ripen during the last 10 days of May. Bigarreau Burlat cherries are large, heart shaped, widely flattened with a dull [...]

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Reginna Cherry

Reginna is a late kind of cherry. It matures in the period: 30.06-07.07. It pollinates with Hedelfingen, Vann and others. Good rate of fruiting and constant fruit productivity. The fruit is large and it has an long stem. Reginna has a late flowering and loves sunny places. Endures low temperatures. [...]

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Vann Cherry

Vann cherry matures around 20-30th of June and it has averagely-early flowering. The cherry is durable to low winter temperatures and late spring frosts. Early fruiting and constant fruit productivity. Vann cherry has a short stem and a round form, with large sized fruit. The meat is hard, sweet and [...]

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Esme Quince

Esme quince has an average grow rate and normal flowering. It is sensitive fever. The fruits ripen in the middle of October. Their sizes go from large to very large. Their regular shape is oval. The fruit's skin is yellow, hard, slightly mossy. The fruit's meat is white or yellow. [...]

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Olives are a slow-growing fruit, but the trees have long lives. The trees are also evergreenm, with small leaves, and the fruits themselves have bones. The branches are thin and densely spread. The most suitable sorts in our geographical locations are the Argio (wild - green) and Petro (stone - [...]

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Hale Peach

Hale peach is an averagely growing tree with a round-shaped crown and with very good fertility. It grows in the end of August or in the beginning of September. One of the late sorts of peaches, which is well known in the Bulgarian market. The fruits are quite large and [...]

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Symphony Peach

The Symphony peach tree is self-pollinating. The fruiting starts early and it flowers at an average early time. Resistant to low temperatures and late spring frosts. It fully matures around 5th-10th of August. The fruit itself has a round shape and the colour of it's skin is dark red. The [...]

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Glohaven Peach

Glohaven peach tree grows in an average pace and ripens around 10-20th of August. The flowering occurs moderately-early. Average endurance of spring frosts and winter colds. The fruit itself is large, round, and the bone is easily removed from the meat. The fruit's skin is red with yellow spots. The [...]

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Sweet Dream Peach

The Sweet Dream peach originates from the United States. It has been imported to Bulgaria more than 50 years ago. The tree has an average rate of growth and it ripens during the last 10 days of July. The fruits go from large to very large sizes. The skin is [...]

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Fayette Peach

The peach tree Fayette's grow rate is average to fast. The fertility is really good. It ripes around 25th-30th of August. Imported from California and multiplies like the Hale peach tree. A self-pollinating type of fruit tree. Fayette's fruits size go from large to even larger with a round symmetrical [...]

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O’Henry Peach

The O'HENRY peach tree is self-pollinating. It matures around the period of 1st to 10th of September. This sort of peach is one of the late blooming kind. Average to moderate growth rate, early fruiting. Durable to late spring frosts and low winter temperatures. The fruits are average to large [...]

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UFO Peach

UFO is a new kind of peach, which cultivates in alot of countries in Europe. They have been also growing in Bulgaria for a couple of years. The so called "donut" peach is exceptionally attractive. It ripens around 27.06-10.07. Average grow rate. The UFO peach trees can whitstand the winter [...]

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Katerina Peach

Ripens around 15th-20th of july. Averagely early flowering and early fruiting. This is a new kind of peach made especially for compotes and sweets. The characteristics of Katerina peach are the following. During heat treatment, the fruit's meat stays in perfectly yellow colour. It's structure does not break down nor [...]

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Walnut Franquette

This sort of walnut trees grow in average to fast pace. Their fertility is very good and they have constant productivity. Durable to winter temperatures and late spring frost. After 4 to 5 years since planting they start giving out their fruits. The shapes and sizes of the walnuts are [...]

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Maycrest Peach Tree

The Maycrest peach originates from USA. The flowering is medium early. The tree's growth rate is average. It ripes around 3rd-10th of June. The fruits are medium-sized to large. The skin of the fruit is entirely red, slightly hairy and very thin, easily removable from the meat. Yellow on the [...]

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Peach Rosa Del West

Rosa Del West is an itallian peach. It blooms in the middle of the season. Incredibly high productivity. The fruits are large , round and with a thin line in the middle. The average weight of the fruit is around 190 grams. The skin's colour is mostly a pleasant mix [...]

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Almond Texas

This sort of almonds is late , self-pollinated with early bloom. Good fertility, constant productivity. Durable during winter and late spring frosts. The fruits fully ripen during the 15th-20th of september. They have middle sized nut and smooth, hard shell. They start giving their fruit after being planted for 3 [...]

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Peach Coscia

This variety of pear originates from Italy. Average grow rate, with average flowering. Resilient during winter cold and late spring frosts. Good fertility with constant productivity. They ripen in the middle of August. The pollinators are Williams and Akcha. The skin is thick and the colours are light green and [...]

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Andros Peach

Self-fertile peach. Middle sized fruit. The meat is yellow , hard and truly delicious. The seed doesn't seperate off the meat. A variety of peach which can be consumed directly while it is fresh but it is also perfect for compotes and sweets.

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Cherry Jalta Draganova

Cherry Jalta Draganova. Matures during 20th-25th of june. Late bloom. The tree is flowering heavily. It's also durable to late spring frost. The fruits are middle sized , broad heart shaped to spherical shape. The seed is easily removable. Very sweet. Suitable for fresh consumation, conservation/compotes, freezing and particulary used [...]

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