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Katerina Peach

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Ripening time: 15 - 20 July
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Ripens around 15th-20th of july. Averagely early flowering and early fruiting. This is a new kind of peach made especially for compotes and sweets. The characteristics of Katerina peach are the following. During heat treatment, the fruit’s meat stays in perfectly yellow colour. It’s structure does not break down nor does the fruit get dark.
Exceptionally durable for storaging in household conditions. Can be consumed directly from the tree while it’s fresh. But Katerina is designed with only one purpose, and that is the fruit’s perfect conservation in the form of a compote.
No other kind of peach can be more delicious than Katerina when it comes to conservation and sweets, except the more specially designed for it sorts. The fruit’s meat is really dense and hard, the skin is thick, and the flesh is gentle with nearly missing fibers. That is what makes the Katerina peach stand out from all the other sorts.

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