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Chandler Walnut

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Ripening time: 15 - 20 September
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Chandler walnut trees have an average to fast growing speed. Very good fertility, constant and effective productivity. Very resistant to low temperatures during winter or spring. It is not sensitive to bacterial diseases. An american sort, which is one of the best in the world. The leaves appear later. Early fruit giving, 3 years after planting. Highly productive, self pollinating, but when a pollinator is turned on the fruiting is even better. Chandler’s pollinator is Franquette. Chandler’s fruits are medium-large with a light brown thin shell. Easily breakable. The fruit’s nuts are white-brown, dense, well cooled, with great taste qualities. The maturation period is on 15th-20th of September. After the harvest, the fruits are set to dry and are storaged in dry airy rooms. For a longer period of time. Able to handle transportation and manipulation.

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