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About Us

About Us2021-02-03T17:50:25+02:00

The products we offer are by one of the leading manufacturers on the Bulgarian market

AGRICULTURAL MANUFACTURER produces VINE PLANTING MATERIAL (vine seedlings, grapevine cuttings).

The company has been existing since 2000. The main production base is located on the territory of Pomorie Municipality. For production needs, company uses its own land.

The seedlings produced are in accordance with the National Variety List, constantly controlled and graded by the seed control authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In the production process modern technologies are used. The finished material is disease free. Certification of the seedlings guarantees its quality and purity.

The vines are grown on a high raised bed with drip irrigation.



The team working in the company is energetic and motivated, highly qualified.

Our partner is a member of the Management Board of the National Association of Vine Growers. The association is a voluntary, independent, non-profit organization to act for the private benefit of its well-established members.

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