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Muscat of Alexandria – Aleksandriiski Misket

PRICE PER PIECE INCL. VAT: To 25 pc.: 5,00 EUR • Over 25 pc.: 4,50 EUR
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Ripening time: End of September
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Muscat of Alexandria (Aleksandriiski Misket)
Also known as: Pane Mysuke, Moscatellone, Cibibo, Salamana, Moscatel de Málaga

Leading signs of the Muscat Alexandria grape variety: naked, medium-leafed leaves with small sharp teeth; long stalks of wine-red color, plenty of stepchildren; large berries with dense flesh, with a strong, delicate muscat taste.
Saplings with erect shoots. Their tips are very weakly erupted. The leaves are rounded, mid-sectioned, almost flat, with edges bent downward. The prongs are sharp. The perforated cavity is open, lyre-shaped. The autumn color of the leaves is yellow.

The bunch is of medium size or large, conical, branched, of medium density and loose, when the ovaries are heavily scattered, they are very friable. The stem of the cluster is medium-long – 5-7 cm, grassy. The mass of the bunch is 106-237 g, the maximum is 350 g. The berry is medium-sized or large (13-21 lengths, 14-19 mm wide), oval, yellow-green, with full maturity yellow, matte with brown tan. The skin is thick and strong. The pulp is fleshy-juicy, crispy, with a strong muscat flavor. The taste is harmonious. The average weight of 100 berries is 420 g.


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