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Vine variety “Moldova”

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Ripening time: End of September
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Production and sale of vine variety Moldova

Vines variety Moldova

Variety Moldova dessert grape variety – complex sustainable.

Created in Kishinev Institute of Vine and Wine in Moldova. It refers to a middle or late ripening varieties (depending on the conditions under which it is grown). Ripens about 15 to 25 September.

In some northern regions at a high altitude in some years may fail to mature fully. Leaves are medium-sized, low-cut, nearly entire, 3-5 lobed. Color is androgynous, grapes conical or cylindrical-conical, semi-compact, midsize. The average mass of 1 cluster is 385g. Individual clusters can achieve weight and up to 1 kg. Grain – wholesale (25/19 mm), ovoid, deep purple with a thick waxy coating. The skin is usually thick, dense, strong and intense colored (characteristic of the variety). The flesh is crispy. The taste was neutral. Growth is strong, does not tolerate thickening.

The vines of the variety Moldova are growing strongly, so care must be taken when choosing a scheme for planting. Compression when it is unacceptable as in that case was observed bunch stem necrosis and thereby reduce the yield. Grapes become loose and relatively small. Suitable for it are tall and trellis vine formations with freely available to the growth. The shoots are placed horizontally.

Moldova variety shows its best economic performance in horizontal orientation of the annual growth in trellis vine cultivation. In this case, bunches and berries reach their maximum size. Thus, 8-and 10-year and at trellis vine appearance cultivation, good soil and climatic conditions and planting distance 4×5 m are obtained yields of 150-170 kg of a vine with well developed and shaped arms, cordons and one-year growth. The vertical distribution of one year’s growth in this variety is not preferable as it stimulates even further the strong growth of vines and is detrimental to the yield to be obtained.In the vertical position of the one-year growth also can be obtained high quality and yield, if there is an optimum ratio of the annual growth rate and load themselves vines. Unfortunately this is not always obtained.

The vines of this variety aren’t able to tolerate both overload and underload with fruit units. Diseases do not frighten him. Vine variety of Moldova intervened earlier in full fruiting. Like the warm, well secured by water and soil nutrients.

The variety is sensitive to calcareous soils. Sensitivity to low winter temperatures average. To fungal disease has a higher stability. Against mildew practically no water no chemical struggle and against powdery mildew in some years with more precipitation is needed only 1-2 sprays.

Also it has increased resistance to phylloxera root and therefore allows to grow their own root own farm, even where there is a compact presence of root phylloxera in the soil. Its resistance to gray mold and anthracnose also increased. To the disease excoriose is unstable. It can be stored longer.

The grape variety from Moldova has a high market properties, good transportability and is suitable for fresh consumption and storage. You can save up to March-April next year. Grapes can be kept well also on vines. In overripe transportability and keeping its substantially decreased.