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Flame Seedless Grape

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Ripening time: Around mid-August
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Production and sale of vine variety Flame Seedless (Viti vinifera)

Variety Flame Seedless

The Flame Seedless (Viti vinifera) is a vigorous, heavy-bearing table grape cultivar that keeps well in storage. It is a hybrid of Thompson Seedless, Cardinal, and several other Vitis vinifera cultivars. It produces large clusters of medium-large red grapes with a sweet flavor.

Flame Seedless requires a long growing season. As such, the plants fare poorly in cool, damp zones. However, its good qualities, especially seedlessness, sweetness, and long shelf life, make it one of the most heavily farmed table grapes.

The Flame Seedless was brought to the United States by John J. Kovacevich of Arvin, California in 1973. It is the second-most popular grape in the United States.  In Bulgaria was submitted in 1984 and planted small areas near Plovdiv, Bourgas, Stara Zagora and others. For a Flame Seedless to be called good-quality, it must be plump, well-colored, and firmly attached to the stem. The grapes are usually picked ripe, as they do not ripen after harvest.

The leaf is medium to large five partitioned, thick, leather, pleated between the main nerves. Tail cut-out is open pound appearanced. The handle sheets of medium length, pale wine colored.

The cluster is very large, branched, semi-compact to loose. The handle is long, thick, tough. The average mass of one cluster is 370 g, as separate clusters reach 850 g.

The grain is average wholesale oval to spherical, sometimes slightly flattened on top. The skin is medium thick, fragile, red to dark red-purple.

The texture is meaty. The taste is harmonious, neutral. The grain is seedless or with underdeveloped seeds. Detached together with stalk. The average mass of a grain is 2-3 g.

The variety Flame Seedless refers to a group of early varieties of grapes. Grapes ripen around mid-August.

The vines are vigorous, with good fertility. The average yield of the vine is 6-7 kg, per hectare – 1800 to 2000 kg. Suitable for  trellis vine appearance cultivation. It is not resistant to low winter temperatures, mildew and powdery mildew. Grapes is virtually resistant to gray mold. It grows best on rich and fertile soils. Require mechanical composition of grapes Flame Seedless typical seedless variety. The percentage of the grains found in the cluster is large. Peel a small part of the mass of grains. The content of sugars in the grapes at physiological maturity is from 16 to 18%, and TA are 6-6,5 g / l. Grapes are very good transportability and preserves long their appearance. It is intended mainly for the production of raisins and less for fresh consumption because of its small grains. The resulting raisins have good taste.

Flame Seedless can be grown at an altitude of 600-700 m.


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