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Alfons Lavale (Alphonse-lavallée)

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Ripening time: The second half of September
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Alfons Lavale, red dessert grape variety

Alfons Lavale (in French: Alphonse-lavallée) is a red dessert grape variety originating from France. The variety is produced around 1860 in Orleans (France) from open pollination, probably the variety Buffalo eye. Besides France it is still widespread in Italy, Portugal, Romania, California, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Turkey and Israel.

It was imported after 1960 and is less common in Bulgaria. It is appreciated on the European market. Ripen simultaneously Bolgara. It gives medium to large, winged and semi-compact clusters. His nipples are large, oval. The skin is healthy, dark-blue and many bloom. The flesh is crunchy, with a pleasant harmonious taste. Grapes are good-looking and durable transport and storage. There are many good fertility, but tends to millerandage. Its fertility is good. Cuts is a fruit-bearing rod 12-14 eyes.

The leaf is medium to large, medium deep cut, slightly wrinkled net, bottom-strong bristly mossy. The handle sheets of medium length, slightly to the base wine-red.

The bunch is medium-sized, cylindrical-conical, sometimes winged one side loose to semi-compact. The handle is long, thick, tough. The average mass of a cluster is about 280 gr.

The grain is large to very large, oval, often slightly flattened, sometimes outlined longitudinal ribs and concave on top. The skin is thick and tough, blue-black, with a thick wax coating. The texture is meaty. The taste was neutral and slightly tart. The average mass of a grain is 6-7 gr.

Alfons Lavale belongs to the later varieties. Grapes ripen in the second half of September.

The vines are vigorous, with good fertility. It requires pruning only knots with two eyes. The average yield of the vine at the stem formations is 5-6 kg, per hectare – about 1500 kg. It requires relatively rich soils – humus-carbonate and other lighter mechanical composition soils. Suitable for vine trellis cultivation.


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