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Black Muscat (Muscat of Hamburg)

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Ripening time: The first half of September
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Black Muscat (Muscat of Hamburg)

Production and sale of vine variety Muscat Hamburg (Bulgarian: Hamburgski Misket)

Vine Muscat of Hamburg / Black Muscat

Obtained by crossing varieties Muscat of Alexandria and Frankenthal at the end of the last century in Italy.

Agrobiological characteristic – belonging to the group of varieties middle ripened (grapes ripen about the first half of the century). The vines are characterized by average growth. The grapes are medium-sized, branched, often very loose. The grain is average wholesale oval with dark blue, leathery and waxy coating films. The texture is meaty with a strong muscat flavor. Suitable for him cutting varierie 41 B. The sort is prone to bunch stem necrosis (against bunch stem necrosis recommended node of shoots immediately before flowering).

Technological characteristic – sugar content in consumptive maturity reached about 16% 17%, a content of titratable acids is between 5-6 g / l.

Sustainable relatively resistant to low winter temperatures. The variety is susceptible to diseases and pests (attacked vigorously by powdery mildew). The grape is fairly resistant to gray mold.

Yield: grapevines are distinguished by good fertility (yield of the vine is between 3-6 kg, per hectare 1000-2000 kg)


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