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Cardinal – table grape variety

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Ripening time: The beginning and middle of August
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Vines variety Cardinal

The clusters are medium to large, often loose, branched. Grains of grapes Cardinal are large, oval-shaped and slightly raised longitudinal ribs. The skin is dark violet, medium thick, fragile. The flesh is crunchy and palatable with a mild muscat flavor (with good ripening). The grains are uneven in size. With low value variations and viral diseased vines often uneven coloring of the skin of the nipple, a tendency to strongly bunch stem necrosis and millerandage.

Grape vines Cardinal feature luxuriant vegetative growth. Grapes are relatively resistant to decay. Easily crack. Therefore, watering (if necessary) should be made promptly. The variety is suffering from powdery mildew and mildew. It is sensitive to low temperatures. This quality must be considered when choosing a site for planting.

It is characterized by high fertility, yield and good transportability. The most suitable formations for it is the one-sidedsided cordon height of the stem to 1.3 m. Requires richer moisture soils.

Cardinal is a valuable early dessert grape variety. Ripens in the first half of August.


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