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Muscat Ottonel

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Ripening time: Middle of September
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Muscat Ottonel

Origin – variety Muscat Ottonel was established in Angers (France) from Robert Moreno in 1852 belongs to the Western European eco geographical group.

Agrobiological characteristic – belongs to a middle group of varieties (grapes ripen around mid-September). The bunch is small, cylindrical with a short handle. The grain is small, greenish yellow, juicy, sweet with a nice strong muscat flavor. Vines have the best affinity to the substrate 41 B.

Technological characteristic – in consumptive mature sugar content of the grapes is 24% at a content of titratable acids – from 5.1 to 8 g / l.

Sustainability plants have relatively good resistance to low winter temperature.

Yield: grapevines are moderately increasing with high fertility (the yield varies from 800 to 1200 kg per hectare). The variety is suitable for the production of dessert wines. The dry white wines made from it are characterized by gentle muscat aroma.

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