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Italy – dessert white grape variety

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Ripening time: The second half of September
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Dessert white grape variety Italy.

Italy dessert grape variety, selected in Italy in 1911 by Luigi Alberto and Pirot, where there is a significant spread. Hybrid varieties bull and Hamburg. It is found in almost all wine countries, but not leading variety. In Bulgaria meets small areas in all wine-growing regions.

It is also known by the names: Italian Muscat, Muscat Italy, nails 65 Goldoni.

The vines are growing strong with average fertility. The vines are attacked by fungal diseases and pests. They are sensitive to low winter temperatures. He tends to bunch stem necrosis.

Italy is a late ripening. Grapes ripen in the second half of September.

The bunch is medium to high (17.9 / 10.6 cm), conical, semi-compact, sometimes branched. The average mass of a cluster is 210-420, the berries are very large (23.8 / 20.6 mm), oblong with convex

sides. The skin is thin, tough, golden yellow, sometimes with rust stains from the sunlit side, with abundant bloom. The texture is fleshy-juicy, with a harmonious strong muscat flavor.

Italy is a typical dessert variety. Grapes accumulates enough sugars (16-18%) with moderate content of titratable acids (5-6 g / dm3). Shock is a long transport and storage.


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