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Sweet Dream Peach

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Ripening time: 21-31 July
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The Sweet Dream peach originates from the United States. It has been imported to Bulgaria more than 50 years ago.
The tree has an average rate of growth and it ripens during the last 10 days of July. The fruits go from large to very large sizes. The skin is moderately thick, deep yellow, with washed up red colour. The skin is also slightly hairy. The fruit’s meat is golden yellow, and red around the bone. Sweet Dream is juciy, sweet, with a slight sour taste. It has a nice aroma and a nice taste.
The bone can be removed from the meat easily. Can be consumed while it is fresh and can be conserved. Also used for processing and making nectar and fruit rakija. A long lasting fruit that can properly handle trasnportation and manipulation.

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