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Fayette Peach

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Ripening time: 25-30 August
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The peach tree Fayette’s grow rate is average to fast. The fertility is really good. It ripes around 25th-30th of August. Imported from California and multiplies like the Hale peach tree. A self-pollinating type of fruit tree.
Fayette’s fruits size go from large to even larger with a round symmetrical form. The skin is yellow, but on it’s surface there is a washed up red colour. Averagely hairy skin. The fruit’s meat is yellow and red around the bone.
Fayette’s peaches are juicy, sweet, delicious and with an excellent aroma. The bone can be easiliy separated from the meat. Resistant to winter cold and late spring frost. Can be consumed directly or they can be processed.
Very durable to manipulation and transportation.

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