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Ripening time: The first half of September
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Production and sale of vine variety Pamid

Pamid is one of the oldest indigenous varieties. It is widespread throughout the country. Meeting in Macedonia, Albania, Turkey and other countries. In our occupied 14.7% of the area of ​​vineyards.

Agrobiological characteristic – refers to a group of a middle varieties (grapes reached technological maturity around mid-IX). The bunch is medium size, cylindrical cone. The grain is small, oval, juicy, fragile skin colored from dark red to pink. There are many good affinity with pad 41 B.

Technological characteristics – in consumptive maturity grapes accumulate about 18-24% sugar and content of titratable acids- 4-5 g / l.

Sustainabili has an average resistance to low winter temperatures and relative drought. Grapes are sufficiently resilient to botrytis.

Yield: vines have a strong growth and excellent fertility (average yield per acre is about 1000 to 1500 kg). Grape prepare light red and rose table wines edible immediately after clarification. Can not aging.

Sheet – large, oval longitudinally average cut 5-division, mossy. Lamina is net wrinkled, wrapping up indefinitely. The outline of the middle paw at right or obtuse angle. Above nicks average deep, open, with parallel sides and with a sharp bottom. Lower nicks are shallow open in a corner. Tail nick is open, sagital, equilateral or closed, with the elliptical hole. The teeth are large, triangular, with broad-based. Stem is very bristly, the first branch top and bottom wine-red. The handle of medium length, pile-wine-red bristly. Autumnal coloration of the sheet is

Color – androgynous. Grapes – a medium-sized, cylindrical-conical, semi-compact. The handle of medium length, thick at the base woody, fragile. Grain – medium, oval, pink to dark red, and is easily separated from the stalk. The skin is thin, fragile. The meat is tender, juicy, crunchy, with a harmonious taste. Stalk is short, thin, slightly tapered bed. The brush is short, colored red.

Pamid averaged ripening grape variety. Grapes ripen in the first half of September. It is strongly growing variety of high fertility and high yield. It is not pretentious to the soil. It is resistant to drought, frost and rot, but easily crumble.

Grapes because of the pleasant taste and lightness are used for fresh consumption. From grapes to give a plain, light red table wines which are edible immediately after fermentation. Pamid suitable variety and blended wines.


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