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Ruby Seedless Grape – vine variety

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Ripening time: Middle of October
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Production and sale of vine variety Ruby Seedless / King’s Ruby (Sidles Ruby)

Vine variety Ruby Seedless

Ruby Seedless is often found under the name “King’s Ruby” due to an overambitious advertiser.

DISTRIBUTION: is propagated over larger areas in the US and Italy. In our country Bulgaria, was imported in 1984. and it is propagated in several regions of the country to model deployment.


LEAF-BUD FORMATION – naked, with a slight bronze coloration on the periphery.

Mature leading shoot (stick) – the leading shoot averaged thick to thick, naked, in places at nodes burgundy colored, to the tip more strongly colored.

Mature leaf – lamina of the paper medium, five partitioned, medium cut, smooth, naked. The above nicks are deep, enclosed by the elliptical aperture or open pound appearanced with a narrow opening. Lower nicks are shallow open in a corner. Tail nick is open, pound appearanced with a narrow opening and a sharp bottom.

Grapes – large, conical or winged, semi-compact. The mass of one cluster is about 1000 gr., The individual clusters reach 2-3 kg.

Grain – medium-sized, oval. The skin of the grain is thick, tough to tender, reddish to dark red colored. The consistency is firm, fleshy, with a pleasant taste neutral. Berries are completely seedless. The average mass of one grain is about 5 to 6 g.

Agrobiological characteristics: variety Ruby Seedless or “King’s Ruby” belongs to a group of very late varieties. Grapes ripen around mid-October. Vines are vigorous with very high fertility. In California it recommended pruning knots with two eyes. Bunches his thinning, leaving 200-300 grains per cluster. To increase the size of the grains is recommended that treatment with catkins Gibberellin.

Technological characteristic: The grapes with great transportability and keeping quality. Store very well in refrigerators. The variety is typical dessert seedless. The seeds have developed rudiments. Suitable for fresh consumption, for making compotes, jams, jam, cocktails and more.


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