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Roman Hazelnut (Rimski)

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Ripening time: 20 - 30 August
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Roman Hazelnut Variety – Origin of Asia Minor. This variety of hazelnuts is with very strong growth. Roman hazelnuts have good fertility and constant productivity. Early flowering. Resistant variety of low temperatures in winter and late frosts in spring. The fruits of the hazelnut ripen around August 20-30. Early in fruition. Pollinators can be, for example, gentle wounds, table wounds, etc. The variety is not sensitive to hazel bud. The Roman hazelnut fruits are medium-sized, round, with a thin shell. The nuts fill the shell and have very good taste. They are suitable for fresh consumption and processing. After harvesting, the fruits are dried and stored in dry and ventilated areas for a long period of time. They handle treatment and transportation very well.

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